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Is the Covid-19 virus airborne?

Health guidance was clear: the virus can’t spread through the air. But some scientists are urging a rethink: is the Covid-19 virus airborne?

Why damp roads produce no airborne dust

Working out how to stop road dust might seem a hard nut to crack. But the answer was always right before our eyes. Recall those dusty days of yore, take a deep breath, and imagine…

Does rain clean the air?

After rainfall the air feels fresher, cleaner. The rain has washed the air of its impurities, we might think. But is this actually the case? Does rain clean the air, really? And if so, how does it? We investigate.

Can dust pollution make you ill?

Can dust pollution make you ill? Scientific studies into both the novel Coronavirus and other respiratory illnesses answer with a resounding yes.

How does dust harm the body?

How does dust harm the body? The ways are almost innumerable. Here we provide an overview in terms of its short and long-term health effects.

The Coronavirus’ airborne spread: dust as a potential carrier?

The airborne transmission of the novel coronavirus had been thought to only be possible through close human contact and the inhalation of infectious droplets. But new research shows the coronavirus airborne spread can be extended and facilitated by fine dust particles in the air, as new research argues.