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100% Water. 0% Dust.

Dust Suppression with LAMI®

The LAMI® dust suppression systems uses nothing but water to effectuate perfect dust elimination. Paired with our patented technologies and processes, optimal dust control is guaranteed.


100% Water. 0% Dust.

Using a patented technology, LAMI® achieved complete dust control using nothing but water. In contrast to traditional high pressure or fog cannon systems, LAMI® runs on low pressures and makes eliminating dust a breeze. Paired with the LAMI® ITC interval controller, the system consumes an unprecedented amount of water – for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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LAMI® uses just water.

Our dust suppression system has been developed to effectuate perfect dust control using nothing but water. By atomizing the droplets, we achieve never given efficiency.

Suppress dust anywhere.

Be it rocky mountains, narrow mine shafts or the dry, unforgiving desert – even the most challenging site of application does not stop a LAMI® system from working. Thanks to nozzles designed by former NASA engineers in combination with decades of experience in engineering, seamless operation is guaranteed.
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Expand anytime.

Future proof planning can be a difficult task. Our dust suppression solutions grow as you do. Expand easily using industry’s first modular dust suppression system.

Patented protection.

The LAMI® dust control system, its sophisticated parts and unique working principle have been patented internationally. Our genuine quality is certified by licenses which are automatically obtained when buying directly from LAMI® or authorized distribution partners.
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More than a system

What we do for you

LAMI® is more than just a dust suppression solution. We offer expert consultation, technical support and more.
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Various factors like topology, climate and accessibility can make planning a dust control system an overwhelming task. Our team of experts help with designing the best solution for you.

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In times of public and politic environmental awareness, the jungle of regulations might seem increasingly confusing. We are here to help.

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Our experts support your company in public affairs and communicate with the officials as well as surrounding residents.

Answers to all questions

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Depending on the solution you choose, the maximum total coverage varies. Up to 2.4km of section length can be achieved using a LAMI® DSB 2000© dust suppression system with LAMI® Protector© units.

Prices for a LAMI® dust suppression nozzle range from 70$ – 250$, depending on the model you choose.
Here in the alps, steep terrain is our daily companion. Rest assured, our systems are designed for the toughest working conditions.
All types of fugitive dust and particulate matter can be controlled using the patented LAMI® method.

While the prices vary depending on deployment conditions and technical requirements, please refer to our trial packages for approximate costs.

Our dust suppression solutions are already industry standard in Austria. They have been proven to work for decades now and are continuously developed and improved. Contrary to competitors, our systems use a patented method for the effective elimination of dust which does not rely on chemicals or high pressure.
In contrast to the high pressure fog systems traditionally deployed in the industry (Fog cannon, high pressure hoses, etc.) – which at most effectively suppress dust at only one point, and are liable to be blown away and evaporate with the lightest wind, LAMI® is ideally suited for comprehensive areal coverage, small as well as large.
With only 1 Litre of water, LAMI® binds dust for an area of 72 m². Minimal water use, combined with the maximum area coverage binds both visible and invisible dust particles and makes LAMI® the perfect choice for high efficiency dust suppression.

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Where to start?

We offer three different trial packages. Choose the one that will suit your purpose best or contact us for a customized full-fledged dust suppression system.

Dust Suppression Starter Kits


100m Manual Operation
99 excl. Shipping & VAT
  • Standing installation
  • 16 LAMI® DSB nozzle heads + LAMI® protector
  • 16 LAMI®DSB nozzle stands
  • 100m LAMI® SH piping + fittings + valves + clamp saddles
  • LAMI® filter KEF 1"
  • Start unit: ball valve + fittings


100m Manual Operation
99 excl. Shipping & VAT
  • Hanging installation
  • 360° coverage
  • 16 LAMI® RBB nozzles
  • 100m LAMI® SH piping + hooks + fittings + ball valve 1"
  • 20m supply pipe (can be easily enlarged) + fittings + ball valve 1"
  • 100m steel cable + fixing points
  • LAMI® filter KEF 3/4"


For extreme conditions
99 excl. Shipping & VAT
  • Fog Curtain Technology
  • 8 LAMI® NBB nozzles
  • 16m LAMI® SH piping + hooks + fittings
  • 20m steel cable + fixing points
  • 20m supply pipe (can be easily enlarged) + fittings + ball valve 1"
  • LAMI® filter KEF 3/4"

Buying directly from LAMI® or authorized distribution partners provides your company with the license for dust suppression using our patented method. Prices may vary depending on technical requirements.


Say Goodbye to Dusty Working Conditions.

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