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Explore the innovative world of LAMI®. Our patented technologies are chemical free and modify the microclimate so that dust is eliminated at its origin.
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LAMI NBB dust suppression system in action
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CLEAN. Efficient. modern.

The Only Thing LAMI® Needs Is Water.

The LAMI® dust control solutions work incredibly efficient and dramatically decrease your water usage. This means lower operating costs, no excess drainage water and a smaller ecological footprint. Whether it be heavy duty on-site dust suppression or challenging indoor air cleaning in mines – we got it covered.

What makes LAMI® so special?



Part of our systems' success lies in the beauty of simplicity. No high pressure is needed for optimal dust control, just plain water.



Think big, start small. Expand your system whenever desired and let us customize your dust control solution for your special needs.


...and even more

Opting for one of LAMI®’s solutions not only means taking a step into a more sustainable, cost efficient future. We guide your company through the jungle of regulations and offer communication with authorities and the public.

Your Partner

Our team plans and develops the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Our Consultants

With decades of experience in the field of water technology, be assured to be guided throughout the process of planning and realizing the optimal dust control solution for your special needs.

Fresh Air Is Our Metier

Located in the alps, our family held company thrives for a clean future. We believe in the right of fresh air for everyone and work to bring this vision to the world.

Our Partners Trust Us

Thomas Martin

CEO, Luryc

“We tried several different approaches to combat dust at our quarry but none was able to effectively bind the dust. With LAMI®, our dust problems are gone and we have increased our uptime tremendously.”

Ernst Hoffmann

Business Operations, Bewarx

“As surrounding residents effectuated an official order for our recycling yard to install dust prevention measures, we opted for a LAMI® system. From day one, the system worked flawlessly and our public image was boosted tremendously.”

Thomas Schäfer

VP Marketing, Wico

„Fine dust makes working in our mine inefficient and hazardous. With the LAMI® NBB system, even the smallest tunnels now remain clean throughout our operations and our downtime due to dust decreased by 95%.“

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